Declarative Text Essay

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Mr.Carrano Advanced Composition Harrisen Tilery 2/8/12 My writing journey As I sit here at my computer, I realize I have the perfect conditions for writing this paper. In my room is where I am most comfortable writing. The house for right now is quite. My mother has just left for work to do a double shit at the hospital; my brother is out with his friends doing god knows what, and my dad is asleep. The only sounds in the house are of me typing these words that you the reader will hopefully find a shred of interest in; and the soft melody of Nujabes beats that flow in and out of my ears to keep me motivated on writing this paper. However, I can’t think of anything; if I knew what to write then I would have been done with this literacy autobiography an hour ago. Sadly, besides this paragraph I don’t know how or where to begin. Therefore, I just began typing, hoping that the content would flow through my brain and through my fingers and into the computer. This is usually how all my papers start. I begin typing something and hopefully by the time I’m done typing, the finished product will sound good in the end. Sense I don’t know where to start, I suppose the only place to start is the beginning. I was taken from public school at the early age of ten and placed in a private school due to my disabilities in learning as well as having a teacher who was a racist. Instead of helping me become a better reader and writer; she would cast me aside as if I were nothing but some cheap glass. I guess you can say this is how I lost my interest for reading and writing. The constant neglect of my teacher forced me to shy away from trying to improve my writing. However, this feeling slowly began to change when I was introduced to my new 8th grade teachers. The influence and support from them was the driving force that kept me interested in learning how to improve my writing.
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