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America is a nation that has been built through the actions of dispossessed people. The founders of the original thirteen colonies were a dispossessed group that fled Europe. Even the Declaration of Independence was signed by a group of people who also thought themselves dispossessed. A main tool that the men who signed the Declaration used to show the misfortunes done to them was that of republican language. It is no surprise that the generation’s of dispossessed groups to follow, used the same principle, ideas, and language of republicanism to secure their own rights. Working and middle class women of the nineteenth century used the republican ideology of liberty, and tyranny in many written documents and commentaries as a weapon that forced…show more content…
The Declaration of Sentiments that all the women signed (at Seneca Falls) demonstrates the idea of using the republican language. The title they chose, by paralleling the Declaration of Independence, is but one symbol a of the idea of republican liberty and fighting of tyranny. The Declaration of Independence is flooded with republican language and by using the same title; women were too using republican language. The Declaration (Sentiments) contains the statement “the history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward women having a direct object of the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.” The way in which the Declaration deems men “tyrants” shows the contradiction in republican beliefs—people must overthrow tyranny to obtain liberty only when it applies to men. This stark republican language and revealing…show more content…
Sarah Grimke showed this idea in her “Letters on the Equality of the Sexes” saying, “ …where any mental superiority exists, a women is generally shunned and regarded as stepping out of her ‘appropriate sphere,’ which in their view is to dress and dance.” Women were confined to being what men wanted them to be. There was no liberty or sense of independence for women and when they attempted to gain some ground on that idea they were “shunned” upon. Women were subjugated and barely above the level of slaves or indentured servants according to republican ideals. Women had no property and could gain no liberty and the only virtue allowed to them was, between their legs. The women adapted the republican ideas and with that the language to set the platform for their eventual

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