Declaration of Independence Essay

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Call for Independence Essay The colonists were justified in declaring independence. They were revolting for many reasons, but I believe the biggest grievance was George III sending over soldiers to kill, desolate and tyrannize. In order to declare independence from Britain, the colonists made a declaration, which helped found the country. Writing the declaration was not an easy task, and it was changed many times. The U.S.A. wasn’t the only country that was ruled unjustly by Britain, India went through many hard times because of England. King George III infuriated the colonies of America by sending over mercenaries to establish his rule, so the leaders rose up and worked hard to make a pristine document declaring independence from England; India was also forced to be colonized. King George III made the colonists very vexed by sending soldiers. Some soldiers were sent to Boston, Massachusetts, which made the people angry, so about 50 colonists attacked a British sentinel. In an act of defense the soldiers opened fire killing several rioters. This riot is known as the Boston massacre which was a reason for the Revolutionary war ( In addition to the brutality of the soldiers, they also demanded housing and food, and they killed those who didn’t provide it to them. The sending of soldiers wasn’t appreciated by the colonists. The Declaration of Independence had many drafts. On June 11, 1776 the Continental Congress told Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston to make a draft of the declaration of independence. Thomas Jefferson was told to make the first copy, and he worked hard for many days. After Jefferson finished a rough draft, he redid it on fresh paper, and called the new copy the "original rough draught" (Burnham). "The original rough draught" was edited by the committee, and then presented to
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