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The Declaration of Independence 1. Alienable rights are rights that every individual is entitled to; they are rights that cannot be taken away. Alienable rights consist of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which is given to us by our creator equally. 2. Jefferson and the continental congress expected anger and disapproval towards the documentation. Jefferson’s tone and attitude can simply imply the feedback that he expected to have. 3. The declaration of independence is broken up to four parts. The first part was to give the overall purpose of the document. The second section was how America should be run. Jefferson then talks about alienable rights. The third section is an attack on King George III. He bashes the way he governs and extracts details about his weaknesses. The last section the United States announces there government and the right of their people and how their entitled to rights as an individual. Yes, the text can be divided into smaller sections because some of the sections could be simplified and the same purpose would still be perceived. 4. Jefferson uses a strong and assertive tone of voice to display the emotions and the points he tries to bring across to the people. He also uses a condescending tone when it comes the third section of the declaration as he talks about King George. He justifies it by explaining King George’s repeated errors and why he feels like the United States needs to break away from Great Britain. 5. The United States weren’t given the God given rights that they were entitles to or the freedom that they deserved. In my opinion, I believe Jefferson did a very good job clarifying why we needed to break away from Great Britain and he covered all of the essential factors. 6. The claim of the article is a simple. Jefferson believed that every individual is entitled to his or her unalienable

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