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Noah Peskin Mrs. Amelkin AP Language and Composition 12 September 2011 Rhetorical Analysis: “The Declaration of Independence” 1. The five sections of this document are divided into the following 5 ways. The introduction consists of the first paragraph, and part two, the preamble, consists of the second paragraph. The charges against King George III are numerous small statements, that begin after the preamble and ends after the paragraph beginning “In every stage of these oppressions…” The criticism of the British people is a single paragraph beginning “Nor have we been wanting.” Finally, the conclusion of this document is from the end of the previously noted paragraph until the end of the signatures. 2. The first paragraph of this sentence is a periodic sentence. This sentence is effective because it sets the tone for the rest of the document by leaving the main statement at the end. Also, the dependent clauses leading to the independent clause are summed up quite completely by the independent clause. As the writers continue, most arguments can be easily traced back to this sentence, easily creating a literary atmosphere of further connection. 3. The Americans approach declaring their independence with much pragmatism. The Americans do not refer only to themselves, but what humans must do as a whole. They refer to “one people” breaking from another in order to assert that any group of people can do the same action that they have chosen to do at any time, setting a precedent for the future. The antecedents of the words “they” and “them” refer to the “one people” who wish to separate themselves. By neither saying “us” or “we”, the tone of the paragraph stays ambiguous. The words “necessary” and “declare” imply no rash decisions, but rather a decision made of strong motivations. Also, the words are not weak or empty. They are words filled with power that

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