The Declaration of Independance Essay

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The reasons why the colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence are innumerable. Before the Declaration of Independence, cutting off their trade with all parts of the world except Britain was accepted and so was the imposing of taxes on them without their consent. Transporting them beyond seas to be tried for pretended offenses and depriving them in many cases was also an action done before the Declaration of Independence. Not to mention, quartering a large body of troops among the colonist. In effect, the above reasons led colonists to write the Declaration of Independence. Before the Declaration of Independence taxes were being pressed against the colonists without their consent, including: The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, and Tea Act. The stamp act was endorsed in 1765 and required tax stamps, or the colonists to pay taxes on many different trade items and documents including playing cards, legal papers, newspapers and marriage licenses. Prime Minister George Grenville stated that this direct tax was intended for the colonies to pay for defense. An exaggerated tax of about Twelve percent was what the colonists had to pay so an additional tax was not welcome. Apart from the colonist being harassed with taxes, their trade with all parts of the world except Britain was another reason why the colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence. The illegal imposition of rules over their trade and production, commonly known as the Navigation Acts, which have been pressed on them for over a century and made worse by the Sugar Act and Townshend Acts was controlled once the Declaration of Independence was written and signed. Furthermore, the colonists were being deprived in many cases. The Boston Massacre was when a mob of 50 colonists gathered to protest against the officials. As
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