Decisions on What to Do for a Family Night Essay

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Decisions, Decisions We all have been there before, it’s Friday night and you are sitting at home with your families trying to decide what to do. Some of them want to play games and some want to watch a movie and it’s tough to decide. So, would it be better to have a family game night or have a family movie night on a Friday night? In all fairness each are great and have a wonderful variety of things at their disposal, but when it comes to Friday nights at home, I think it would be better to have a family game night than a family movie night. I know what you are thinking: “but why a family game night?” it is simple family game nights build relationships, while family movie nights don’t really give the family any team building exercises. Family movie nights do get families in the same room just like family game nights, and they do get the kids involved; whether it would be in picking out a movie, or making snacks for the movie, but once those things are done and the movie starts, the family just sits there until the movie is over. With family game night, this is a lot of team building going on and there is a competitive spirit being built in the kids. Another advantage to family game night is that it gets your brain thinking about different issues and therefore helps you gain and retain knowledge plus it gets you to talking about said issues during the game spreading the knowledge around to other people, whereas family movie night you don’t necessarily get your brain thinking, the movie may make you think about what is going on but it answers it for you allowing you to soak up knowledge without really having to think too much about what is going on. On the other side of the coin with family movie night, it gives families a quiet, phone free zone that provides each member of the family a more focused viewing experience, whereas with family game night there

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