Decisions In Paradise Part.1 Essay

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Running head: DECISIONS IN PARADISE Decisions in Paradise Part.1 University of Phoenix CRITICAL THINKING: STRATEGIES IN DECISION MAKING MGT/350 July 20, 2010 Decisions in Paradise – Part 1 Nik has been a new staff addition to the leading US pharmaceutical TEVA. With his excellent performances during the first two months of service, the management assigned him to carry out research business potentials in a small island lying in the South Pacific named Kava. Teva USA is a subsidiary of a leading generic pharmaceutical. Nik is commissioned to assess the applicability of the company mission in Kava island which is “to play a leading role in the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through its pre-eminence in the development, manufacture and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals (TEVA USA., 2010, para 2)”. As a leader in marketing generic drugs, Nik has to see the potentials of opening a business chain in Kava. The actual view of the island may have dismayed Nick upon his arrival but Nik reached Kava not for pleasure but for a mission. The current situation and the geographical location of the island itself are enmeshed with various issues that can pose as huge challenges to any proposed business in the island. Kava as an island could not stay away from the threats of typhoons, tsunamis, cyclones, and floods. Though the place is an island, fire has been also a frequent incident in the community. The community has also been stricken by many infectious diseases such as AIDS/HIV and bird’s flu. The potential threats in the island could pose great danger not only to the locals but to the entire island. The potential destructions from any typhoon or tsunami for instance have all the capabilities to incur great loss to any entity running a business in the island. Teva USA will not be exempted from that situation. Aside from the threats of natural

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