decisions in paradise part 1 Essay

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Decisions in Paradise Metro Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care Clinic is planning on moving a chapter of it's organization to the south pacific island of Kava. There are many obstacles to overcome, some of them being the fact that Kava has very many disasters and chaos to deal with in it's every day existence Many of it's residents are indigenous people who practice indigenous health care and indigenous religion. Bringing in an organization like Metro can either have a very positive effect that can transform the life of an entire culture or quickly be dismissed as a failure. Nik needs to identify what the problems are in moving Metro Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care Clinic to Kava. He needs to define what the goals and objectives are for the organization and in turn, what the goals of the organization are for the people of Kava. He needs to think critically about how he will implement the strategies he decides on, but first of all, he needs to decide how he will gain all of this information and how he will decide what the right choices will be. Being a company that is ran by a founder with a deep-seated commitment to doing what is right, Metro has two main objectives in mind while making the move to Kava. One is to have an immediate effect on the residents through knowledge and relief concerning the HIV and AIDS crisis, along with other sexually transmitted illnesses. The other is that economic advantages are a long-term objective and not only can a market be built for services and products not yet wide-spread or readily available in Kava, Metro knows that knowledge is power and people who have options and control over their sexual health and reproduction will have the long-term benefit of socially and economically boosting their economy. Some of the initial problems that Nik comes up with are: Bringing new information to indigenous

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