Decisions in Paradise, Part 1 Essay

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* Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part I Decisions in Paradise One of the most significant skills to obtain and master is the decision making process. No matter how big or small the decision is organizations will still need to include critical thinking in this process to make sure they are producing the best conclusion for their business. Organizations must take advantage of this tool and their experiences to be successful. There many various decision making models to choose from to assist organizations in determining what conclusion is best for them. This paper will define the issues of the business scenario, discuss the forces of the problem, describe the organizational and environmental obstacles that affect stakeholders while applying critical thinking in the decision making process. Nik’s Introduction to Target My name is Nik, almost out of college with a business degree with no experience of the business world, despite that fact I still acquired a remarkable position with Target. Their mission is to be the preferred shopping destination for their customers by providing outstanding values, innovation, and extraordinary customer experience by consistently fulfilling the Expect Mor. Pay Less. brand promise (, 2010). The introduction to this position was vague and overwhelming. First thing I was told was Target was going to send me out of the

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