Decisions In Paradise Part 1 Essay

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Decisions In Paradise Part I MGT/350 University of Phoenix 10/15/2011 Critical Thinking In the world of Business, organizations are constantly competing for market shares. Expansion is sought after by most, if not all organizations seeking to increase potential business and grow as a company. Critical thinking and decision-making often plays a vital role in the accomplishment of expansion. Since decisions can mean the difference between success and failure, critical thinking skills are essential for any organization seeking ways to expand. Decision-making is one of the defining characteristics of leadership. It’s core to the job description. Making decisions are what managers and leaders are paid to do. Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. In the “Decision In Paradise” scenario, critical decisions will need to be made. Nik is fresh out of school and just a mere two weeks after earning his degree; Nik has landed what seems to be a wonderful job involving travel. Nik’s idea of paradise includes having a wonderful, loving relationship, getting a meaningful job, seeing some of the rest of the world, and getting his dog housebroken. Nik has also recently connected with a “friend” who maybe potentially be the love of his life. Nik’s first assignment will have him traveling to the island of Kava. It seems as though everything is falling in place for Nik. His prospective love interest and he agree on the first trip to Kava to be strictly about business, so Nik goes by himself. Prior to making the trip to Kava, Nik is engulfed in a brief introduction to the company, HR procedures, organizational processes, overview of Kava, and flight arrangements. Although he received a great deal of help in putting together the trip to Kava, no one knew exactly what he would be doing there. He was informed that he would be

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