Decisions in Paradise Essay

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Once coming to an understanding of the proposed solutions, Nik must now create a plan for action so he can begin the implementation process for Maxim Group. Before Nik can continue his tasks he must first evaluate the feedback he recieves from Alex and also acknowledge Chris’s opinion on the whole situation. Before the plan of implementation can be structured Nik must have all responses to his idea’s and solutions so that he can take into account Maxim Group’s steakholders. Having the support from Alex and Chris will give Nik the confidence he needs to begin actualizing his ideas. The solutions that Nik has proposed will be examined by Maxim Group to assure that the goals and motives behind Nik’s solutions meet Maxim Group’s organizational goals and standards. The factors involved in the decision making process range from an organiztional standpoint to an environmental standpoint. Being able to weigh out the scenario and look at the situation from all sides and angles will help identify possible issue’s that could potentially be a threat to the plan. From an organizational standpoint Maxim Group must assess the solutions and determine if the ideas are realistic and beneficial for the organization. Although the main idea behind the task is to have a positively greater impact on Kava, Maxim Group must stay mindful of their interest as an organization. Alex brought up the possibility of Maxim Group not being able to stablize economic growth using kids 15 years of age or younger. Economic growth in regards to Kava, it’s people as well as Maxim Group. The risk could result in a loss of time and capitol for Maxim Group. While acknowledging the risk Nik understood where Alex’s argument was valid. Nik’s response was the risk was a low cost risk for Maxim Group and a high risk for employment, opportunity and health benefits for the youth of Kava. In relation to the

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