Decisions in Paradise ! Essay

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Decisions in Paradise: To Be or Not To Be Dawn Smith MGT 350 July 9, 2012 Thomas McShane Decisions in Paradise: To Be or Not To Be Nik a new Wal-Mart associate is sent down to a remote island country in the South Pacific called Kava. Where he quickly learns that appearances can be deceptive; when he first arrives he expects white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and tropical beaches. He finds everything a mess from when he landed to the makeshift office and even his new boss, who also doubles as the secretary. Alex was not as he expected him to look, and he did not act as he expected him to act. As Alex filled him in on the facts about the island and what the company wanted him to do he found there were many hazards that they needed to deal with both manmade and natural, different languages, religions, and help organizations. Alex also tells Nik about the goals that Wal-Mart has of establishing a greater presence in Kava and spells out for him that they need to look at the possibilities for the company, what is good for the people of Kava. He states that Nik and Alex get the chance to analyze, synthesize, and prescribe that decision. Alex explains that the founder of the company Chris has a deep-seeded commitment to doing what is right. He believes that the Wal-Mart cannot keep taking things from Kava we have to give back also and that the government of Kava is asking us to bring our business “culture” to Kava. “Saving people money so they can live better — worldwide” ( Nik and Alex start to do a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis to establishing a Wal-Mart coffee manufacturing facility in Kava. There are a number of issues that they need to take into consideration like the tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, fires, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. These would have an impact on getting the

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