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Decisions in Paradise Part I Raytheon is considering expanding operations and establishing a manufacturing plant on the island that would create an elevated presence in Kava. While there are many obstacles that would need to be over come in order to expand, there are also plenty of opportunities. Kava is a sizable island country located in the South Pacific. There is huge cultural diversity on the island not unlike the diversity within Raytheon. Kava is an ethnic mix of indigenous South Pacific tribes, African, Spanish, French, Asian (primarily Chinese), and since World War II, a sizable amount of Americans. Kava’s religion are mixed, roughly 50% of the population is indigenous and the remainder is divided between Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic. The revenue derived from the selling and manufacturing of petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, sugar, bananas, fishing, natural gas, and tourism. Kava is definitely lacking experience in the workforce as 50% of the population is under the age of 15 and rampant health issues such as HIV/Aids and avian flu add to the decline in population. Along with the widespread probability of a natural disasters occurring (tidal waves/tsunami, typhoons/hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes just to mention a few), and non-natural disasters (terrorism) contributes to the destabilization of the island’s infrastructure. Kava is a culture of fusion with a variety of different ethnicities, languages, and religions all culminating in one diverse island. Communication is going to be vital in launching business on a foreign island. Raytheon will benefit by acquiring an interrupter in the interim until language classes and or bi-lingual employees can be hired. A Human Resources Manager or Coordinator need to be brought on at this time as well, one who has studied the various religions and cultures. This would not be too difficult

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