Decisions In Paradise Essay

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PART 1 Decisions in Paradise Precious Bandages! Wound Care has almost 300 wound care offices in 16 states and provides medical treatment care for more than 2.5 million patients each year (Precious Bandages, 2012). The president and CEO of the corporation have decided to expand its services outside of the United States into smaller countries with a demand for quality healthcare. The first international Precious Bandages! Wound Care office will be opened on the Island of Kava. Before Precious Bandages can be a facility in full swing up and running, there are issues to be considered that could pose a threat the practice, the investors, the employees, and the patients. This international transition will require careful planning, considerations, and ample funding. Issues and Effects Numerous disasters and threats or known to hit the island of Kava, such as, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis/tidal waves, , fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. All of these natural disasters pose a major threat to both the building and the contents. The water damage from flooding can ruin patient record and x-rays, computers, wound care products, and office furniture, as well as the foundation and walls of the building, the outside of the building and its surroundings can be ruined by the high effects of the wind, even the high winds or pressure of the water can break out windows exposing everything inside to the elements, everything from the ground up would also be destroyed by fires and volcanic eruptions. Let’s not forget the employees in the building when one of these disasters hit. Their safety is not valid by security room, they are not safe. There is no real way to prepare in the event of a terrorist attack, these things happen fairly quickly; we can only provide the best quality wound care with the highest standards for each patient treated, and hope that

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