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Decisions in Paradise Part II MTG/350 February 10, 2011 Decisions in Paradise Part II Our company is considering establishing a greater presence here in Kava, that greater presence can be in various forms, based on what is good for our company and what is good for the people of Kava. Chris has a deep seeded commitment to doing what is right. We cannot keep taking from Kava if we do not give back. I brainstormed, made notes, actively listened, questioned and carefully analyzed framing the problem. Being a conscientious manager that I have set out to be, I have identified the problem, set reasonable objectives, and established the importance of solving the problem by determining its effects. Following the decision making model, used at the University of Phoenix is an effective tool to ensure a good decision is being made. A successful outcome is based on the implementation of the decision (Nutt, 1987). Mentioned in part I, in relation to expanding operations in Kava to increase health and wellness I needed to elaborate on some of the issues to be considered in expanding. Evaluate the effectiveness of the managerial competencies and replace if necessary. Expand the make shift office and hire staff to maintain financial statements, sales reports, increase planning operations, specific communication among the company and employees. Daily meetings to ensure communication between staff members. Assistant for Nik to help implement the changes that will take place. Evaluate necessary resources such as accountants, electrical back up, office supplies, such as computers and record keeping system. Opening the clinic has ensured Chris a share of the island products due to a small profit perceived at the clinic. The ‘cause and effect’ diagram was a useful tool to help identify causes of the problem (Langdon, 2001). Possible causes listed in my diagram were illness,

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