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Decisons in Paradise Part I Stacie King Mgt/350 July 19, 2010 Bruce Fanger Decisons in Paradise Part I Employed with Susser Holdings Corporation, the first duty in Kava, a small island located in the South Pacific, is to create a business study on how to expand our company, while benefiting both the company and Kava’s citizens. My initial euphoric reaction to flying overseas to a paradise made of white beaches, tropical breeze, and swaying palm trees changed once I observed the island. Indeed, my expectations did not match the true experience. Due to highly diverse cultures and natural disasters, the island is in poor shape. Even though there are many types of natural disasters, it is possible to build in Kava because of the good resources and chances of building rapport and partnerships with the people. Defining the Issue and Forces Involved Gathering valuable information for upper management concerning expansion in Kava became the focus. However, prior to providing any recommendation, one had to consider several factors involved in the formulation of the issue such as the people, the economy, disasters threats, and helping organizations. Kava’s population includes various ethnicities such as South Pacific tribes, African, French, Spanish, and Americans in which over 50% are 15 years of age and younger. Another factor is religion, which is 50% indigenous, while the remainder is divided between Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian. Because of the vast cultural differences, there are several spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, and numerous indigenous languages. The economy is primarily based on petroleum, coffee, sugar, tourism, natural gas, and inexpensive quality labor, which are great resources for Susser Holdings Corporation. However, disaster threats included tsunami, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and terrorism. Another contributing

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