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In our everyday lives, we are all faced with the responsibility of making decisions. Society always fear whether the decisions would turn out the way society has planned them to. Although making bad decisions may not seem to always have positive outcomes, making bad decisions are better than no decision at all. Even bad decisions can teach us something of value. It is only human to make mistakes. Alva Edison said, "I have not failed; rather, I have learned what not to do." Historically, much knowledge has been gained by making mistakes. In America's beginnings the foundation of government was in the Articles of Confederation. However, the American people soon realized that these articles were greatly flawed. After problems, such as Shay's rebellion, arose, people protested for a change. They had complained over and over about the poor decisions which were made by the government in the Articles of Confederation. A group of men scrutinized the flaws and went on to create the Constitution, a document that is still used today, with much more success. They had used the bad decision which was made on the Article of Confederation to create the most successful document still used today. As Alicia Smith said, "...inaction gets you nowhere. Even a bad decision can teach us something valuable." No decision can possibly harm or decrease one's knowledge, while there is much to learn from mistakes. While Newton certainly contributed greatly to the field of physics, Einstein saw flaws in some on Newton's ideas. However, Einstein was able to see where Newton's ideas failed and correct them, adding to the breadth of knowledge of physics society has today. By working on Newton's flaws, Einstein advanced knowledge of physics. Newton had made many wrong decisions before he had succeeded in adding a great deal of amount to physics. But even when he had succeeded, there

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