Decision-Making Process Paper

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Decision: The act of making up one’s mind; ("," 2012). When faced with options in life as simple or as hard as one can be, a choice has to be made. Personal or professional decision such as buying a home or changing jobs, The thought process of making a decision has to be weigh and measured, the pros and cons have to be mentioned followed by the interests for the parties affected by the decisions being made. The author will describe the step in making his own decision; also the author will describe how similar the process was to that of the text book. Finally that if the textbook decision making was known would that have made any difference in making that decision. The steps taken in making any decision have to be in the interest of all involved, not that the choice is left up to them but the consideration and input is needed. Recently relocated from El Paso Texas to Austin Texas, a Decision was made, affecting the future that desperately needed change. In that decision there were two individuals Lauren and I, having already made a Commitment to each other and already living together the current situation was not that appealing. Living with her parents although saved money was not ideal for our relationship, in a discussion with Lauren issues were brought up and in that moment the thought process had begun. Pros and cons were weighed and when the cons outweigh the pros change was needed to offset the balance in the other direction. The simple choice was to move to an apartment in El Paso but looking for the sense of accomplishment and the detachment for our parents a larger change was in need. Lauren and I planned out our steps to continue to save money and set a date to move to Austin Texas. Picking Austin the thought process was simple, a young person’s town with opportunity for growth. Austin was not too big where we would be overwhelmed and
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