Decision Making Outline

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Week Two Content Outline OBJECTIVE: Construct and support an argument. Content Argumentation Why is Argumentation Important (pp. 434-435) Finding an Issue and Establishing Your Claim (pp. 436-438) an argument essay gives evidence to support a claim about an issue. And the issue is a concern or problem about which people disagree, and a claim as the writer's opinion about the issue. First, your issue and claim must be debatable that is, they must be controversial rather than a statement of fact or personal preference. Your issue and claim must be sufficiently narrow how narrow depends on your purpose and audience. Consider your audience and purpose your audience will affect how you establish your issue…show more content…
146-147) Person Perception: Making Judgments About Others (pp. 148-155) The Link Between Perception and Individual Decision Making (pp. 155-156) How Should Decisions Be Made (pp. 156-160) How Are Decisions Actually Made in Organizations (pp. 160-171) What About Ethics in Decision Making (pp. 171-173) Summary and Implications for Managers (pp. 173-175) OBJECTIVE: Explain the importance of clear communication in business. Content Communication Functions of Communication (pp. 368-369) The Communication Process (pp. 369-370) Direction of Communication (pp. 370-371) Interpersonal Communication (pp. 371-374) Organizational Communication (pp. 374-382) Choice of Communication Channel (pp. 382-383) Barriers to Effective Communication (pp. 383-386) Current Issues in Communication (pp. 386-392) Summary and Implications for Managers (pp. 392-393) Note: The information above is intended to help you complete your assignments. Additional information from sections not outlined above may be needed for classroom discussions. Page numbers refer to PDF versions of the
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