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Decision Making Criteria Essay

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n order to talk you through my decision I will break it down into the six basic steps of rational decision making:

1: Define the problem- It is imperative that managers have a thorough understanding of the problem with which they are grappling. A good understanding of the root cause allows managers to fix problems rather than solve symptoms of a problem. Our problem was one of office structuring. We were filling a position with a hire than was under-productive and did not have the skill sets required to complete the task for which he/she was hired. Many of the tasks assigned to that position were spread to others in the office to ensure mission success. This caused dissent amongst many of the other employees who began to take on extra work loads. Within the course of little more than a year, the original position had become nothing more than an administrative assistant role. The employee had not received good annual ratings but was kept on the staff. So in essence, we were not only deficient in a particular set of skills but were also overpaying one staff member to do administrative assistant duties.

2: Identify criteria- all rational decisions need to be framed with the proper criteria. This allows managers to identify alternatives that will meet specific needs and move the organization forward. Some criteria that needed to be met include but are not limited to: restructuring the office personnel to help even workloads and reduce some redundancies, improve overall workplace moral, cut overall budget, use that vacancy to rewrite the performance work statement to further enhance the proficiency of the staff.

3: Weight the criteria- some objectives are more important than others. In order to identify what criterion is most important to the organization, each will be given a numeric value. The criteria were listed least to most important. The least important being assigned the number one and continuing from there until the list is exhausted. Here is a...

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