Decision Making at Kroger Coorporation Essay

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Decision Making at Kroger Decision Making at Kroger Corporation. Kroger Corporation is a nation wide company with 2500 stores across the Unites States. Decision making in a company this large is extremely important. It is very important that they follow a process when making the decision along with doing the necessary research needed to make that decision. Kroger in the past few years has had to make decisions from deciding whether to sell GMO Salmon in their stores to decisions dealing with the animal rights organization PETA. Because the grocery business is constantly changing there is always risk in their decision making. Risk means that a decision has clear-cut goals and good information is available, but the future outcomes associated with each alternative are subject to change (Daft, 2012, p.276). Key Managerial Decisions in the Past Five Years In 2014 Kroger Corporation announced that along with Safeway, they would not be selling GMO Salmon in their stores. GMO Salmon is genetically modified salmon. “The two grocery chains are now part of more than 9,000 stores across the country that have rejected carrying the GM AquAdvantage® salmon regardless of whether the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves it for public consumption, which it has not yet officially done.” (News Desk, 2014, par. 3) Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is management’s obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society, not just the organization (Daft, 2012, p. 151). By making this non-programmed decision and choosing to not carry GMO Salmon Kroger clearly took a stand for the consumers. Ethical Issue Organization Has Faced In 2010, The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) asked during a shareholder’s meeting, if Kroger Corporation had plans of using a less cruel way of slaughtering

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