Decision Making Essay

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Decision making is a choice from two or more alternatives. The decisions making process identifying a problem and decision criteria and allocating weights to resolve the problem.In my situation,I need make a decision what car to purchase when my family decided to reward me with a car.To make a decision there have seven steps which can help me to resolve my problem. The first step is identifying opportunities and diagnosing problems. It is relate the clear identification of opportunities or the diagnosis of problems that require a problem decision.An assessment of opportunities and problems will only be as accurate as the information on which it is based.For example,in my situation,I have problem to choose either proton Exora or perodua myvi.Both of this cars have best seller in marketplace and now I have opportunities to choose my own favourite car. Second steps is identifying objectives.obejectives reflect the results the organization wants to attain.Both the quantity and quality of the desired results should be specified because these aspects of the objectives will ultimately guide the decision maker in selecting the appropriate course of action.Objectives also are often reffered to as targets,standards, and end.In my case,when choosing a car the most important is view the car’s safety.Proton Exora and perodua Myvi almost have same safety such as the air bags already installed all in the cars. Third steps is generating alternatives.Once an opportunity has been identified or a problem diagnosed correctly,a manager develops various ways to solve the problem and achive objectives.The alternatives can be standard and obvious as well as innovative and uniqe.At first I want to buy a Proton Exora but after I make a survey now I prefer to buy Perodua Myvi. Forth steps,evaluating alternatives.Determining the value or adequacy of the alternatives

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