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Decision-making In the US FOREIGN POLICY KEY POSITIONS IN CONGRESS * Speaker of the Congress: John Boehner (Rep. Ohio -8th district) * House Majority Leader: Eric Cantor (Rep-Virginia) * House Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi (Dem –CA, 8th district * President of the Senate: Joe Biden (D) * President pro tempore: Patrick Leathy (D - Vermont) * Majority Leader: Harry Reid (D – Nevada) * Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell (R - Kentucky) SENATE COMMITTEES Foreign Affairs committee * Its Chairman is Sen. Robert Mendez (D – NJ) * Its Ranking Member is Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) * 7 different subsommittees Arms Service Committee * Its Chairman is Sen. Carl Levin (D – Ms) * Its Ranking Member is James Inhofe (R – Oklahoma) * 6 different subcommittees WAR POWERS STATISTICS * Of 200 times that US used military force, only a few - congressional declarations of war; * The War of 1812, the Mexican War (1846-1848), The Spanish-American War (1898), WWI (1917 – 1919), WWII (1941-1945) President as a Commander-in-Chief * Abraham Lincoln – Civil War case * Dispatching troops by Pres. McKinley to China in 1900; * Sending of troops to Korea in 1950 (UN resolution); * Sending troops to Vietnam (L. Johnson); * Sending troops by Reagan to Lebanon in 1982; * Retaliatory attack on Libya in April 1986; * 1989 attack on Panama by Bush Senior. * Clinton’s interventions in Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo (did ask approval for Kosovo) ↓ WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL THERE WERE CASES WHEN POWER WAS GRANTED TO PRESIDENT BY CONGRESS ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS… Congress powers → President * January 1955 – Formosa Resolution – Pres. Eisenhower granted powers to defend Quemoy and Matsu from attack by Chinese communists; protect Formosa and Pescadore isles.; * Threat of international

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