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Introduction Decision making in every environment deals with a level of thought of why a decision is taken or not taken and the consequences involved afterwards. Even on the management level decisions are taken after they have been pondered over. There are many types of decisions taken. There are the frequently occurring situations which have an automatic response to it called the programmed decision and the rare situations which need a new level of insight to make a decision call the nonprogrammed decision. Implementing Control and Decision Making In making nonprogrammed decision, it is essential as a manager to make rational, fair and ethical decisions that can create a productive outcome. A manager should first “identify the problem, establish the decision criteria, weigh decision criteria, generate alternatives, evaluate alternatives, pick the best alternative, implement the decision and evaluate the decision making”(Carpenter, Bauer, Erdogan, Short 10). Controlling in the P-O-L-C framework is an important aspect in implementing decisions and making them effective. Control is established in an organization through setting “establishing performance standards, comparing actual performance against standards and taking corrective action when necessary (Carpenter, Bauer, Erdogan, Short 1.3). The vision and mission serve as stepping stones in establishing performances standards. Objectives created to drive the mission and the vision can be used to set performance standards. In a nonprogrammed situation it is essential to control the problem through the vision and mission to stay on track with the company’s ideals. Alan Mulally’s decision making and control tactics In an interview with Alan Mulally, he said, “Starting from any foundation, it is important to have a compelling vision and a comprehensive plan. Positive leadership—conveying the idea that there is

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