Decentralisation Essay

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The decentralisation of retailing and other services has had a major impact on urban areas. To what extent do you agree with this statement? The decentralisation of retail and other services in the central business district is the movement of the retail and service sector from in the CBD to outside of the city centre. The city centre is currently facing the movement of people who live in the city centre through counter-urbanisation and sub-urbanisation where people move from the city centre to the suburbs or even the country side to escape from the negative connotations that the city centre has. The city centre councils have realised that there has been a decline in the city centre and urban decay has began, so the city centres have started to move back. An example of the decentralisation of retail is the movement of retail from the Birmingham city centre to the out of town retail centre that is the Merry Hill shopping centre. Shopping and retail has experienced changes in its characteristics in recent times, with the invention of the freezer this now allows people to do a weekly shop with will see them through the week whereas before freezers were common place in the home it meant that people had to go out every couple of days to the bakers, butcher and green grocers to get fresh food. There has also been a change in the shopping experience whereas before people would go to a town centre for a specific shop for a specific item, they will now go for the ‘experience’ of the shopping centre with people now going to eat, watch a film and got to cafes in the shopping centre. There has also been a movement of housing, traditionally the working class being near the industrious parts of the city centre and the high class people being near the centre so they can commute to work in the centre but they are as far away from the industry as possible due to all the
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