Deceived Essay

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My hands trembled as I held the adoption papers limply, the words “ADOPTED” stamped above my name in red ink stood out, it struck me with a feeling that stirred the darkest creature in me, hidden below the depths. It was a mixture of betrayal, fear and anger. All in all, it was deception. Realization dawned on me. My whole world crumpled beneath me, the lies had lit up into the truths. Had my life been nothing but a web of lies?! I almost cried out in desperation as I recalled Thomas’ words, echoing in my mind endlessly like a broken record. “She never loved you! You were forced unto us! You are unwanted, and have never belonged in this family!” My brother spat at me, his eyes livid and blazing with anger. I stood rooted to the ground, frozen by my brother’s words. I stuttered for breath when my lungs constricted, and right then, something inside me shattered. This moment of helplessness was one I would never forget. The adoption documents fell to the ground as realisation dawned on me. Perhaps this was the key to the door which led me to finding the reason of my brother’s undeniable hatred towards me. The reason why I never felt like I belonged. It was a rash decision, really, but as my arms flailed wildly, as my legs almost gave out under me, I felt an immense relief wash over me as I stepped out of the place I once called “home”. I could never look back. My vision blurred as I shook with determination to leave this life of lies and this world that revolved around deception. Afterall, I had only been a burden to my “family”. I stood by the river, staring at my reflection. How could I not notice that I did not look like her? The water surface sparkled and shimmered as I relieved my happiest days, before the truth had struck me too hard. The truth had broken me, and deep down inside, I knew that this was all but the calm before the storm. I

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