Decatur General Hospital Case Study

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DECATUR GENERAL’S IMPLICATIONS Everyone envision making the American Dream come true for them, as many other generations and ancestors have done before them. Many risk their lives to come and live in America. Even though, we pride ourselves as the “Land of the Free”, there is rarely anything free in America. As more undocumented Hispanics pour into the cities and towns of America, we have started to see the affect on the health care system. By providing medical care to undocumented Hispanics with little or no insurance, it is causing a financial hardship on our hospitals, more specifically Decatur General Hospital. Decatur General Hospital opened in 1915 with 28 beds, since its humble beginnings, it has expanded to a 237-bed unit. In 1988, it enlarged its Emergency Department to meet the growing needs of the community. It is located in Southeast Decatur, Alabama. It employs 1231 employees. Decatur General is committed to meeting the health and wellness of those they serve through compassionate care, innovation, and medical excellence ( This commitment is supported by service, technology and a dedication to continuous quality improvement. Decatur General’s motto states, “Technology, Compassion, Community.” Its structure consists of a CEO and Board of Trustee. Decatur General began to see an increase in the number of…show more content…
In fact, Hispanics represent 17.6% of the U.S. population (Census, 2000). The Office of Management and Budget defines, “Hispanics or Latinos” as the preferred term for “a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race” (OMB, 2000). This is the definition, I will use for the purpose of this paper. If the current trends continue, Hispanics are on track to be the largest track to be the largest minority group in the United
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