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That shark finning should be banned Good morning ladies and gentlemen, our team is here to convince you that shark finning should be banned. Eating shark fin is not as good as you think. Before I make my point, I want to rebut some points made by the opposition. They said that banning shark finning will cause harmful effect to Hong Kong’s economy. However, life and poverty, which one is much more important? According to the research done by IVCN, the number of shark has seriously decreased by 80% and more than 250 species are endangered. We should not only concern about our own benefit, but also the life of the endangered species. Let’s go back to my point. In shark fin soup, the fins themselves are totally tasteless. The taste of the soup comes from the ingredient and seasonings added by the chef. Research conducted by the non-governmental organization shows that plenty of restaurants add rather much seasoning into the shark fin soup. The volume of salt in a bowl of shark fin soup is greater than our maximum uptake per day. Excess salt uptake will increase the risk of having heart diseases, high blood pressure and Edema. Some people said that the shark fin is rich in nutritional value. However, it is not completely correct. It is true that about 80% of the component in shark fin is protein. However, what is questionable is that this type of protein is a kind of incomplete protein, which means it is difficult for our body to absorb. Also, this type of protein can be found easily in other food, such as tremella, pigskin and chicken feet. Don’t you see these foods are cheaper than the shark fins? Let me state it again. Eating shark fins is not worthy, and it may bring us harmful effect. With all the above said, today’s motion must stand. Thank

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