Debating Illegal Immigration Essay

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Debating Illegal Immigration Trying to figure out an issue that has been affecting the United States for many years we ask ourselves does illegal immigration really affect our everyday lives? Although many of us have very different views about this issue it’s very hard to come to try and figure out what works best. Some of us come from families whose parents were illegal immigrants at one point and then became citizens of the United States. This is something that affects not only Latino families but many different races in the world trying to get into the United States illegally for a better life and a better future for our families. So much news surrounds us about how this has been a problem with many different laws in the country so much controversy about which laws will work and the reasons why we must put these laws into place. Such laws have made news around the country and in reality are they fair? In 1965 the immigration and nationality act started which gave citizenship to illegal immigrants in the United States especially to women and children. It would be easy to blame it on the government that around that time most illegal immigrants because citizens and anyone one without papers would be able to have an opportunity to live in this great country of ours and have rights just like us. Martinez 2 One issue that many people want to argue is that illegal immigrants affect the jobs that us as Americans can get and the way the financial situation looks at this moment it is very easy to point a finger that illegal aliens are the ones who are taking all of our jobs. The truth is that it’s not the issue at all. Most illegal immigrants cannot get the kind of jobs that a citizen in the United States can get. One example is that obviously someone that is unable to speak the English language would have a hard time getting a good job

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