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Since I was about 11 or 12, I have been very active in the world of websites and graphics. I learned from others who had experience, not as a professional, but just from using the program so much that they had become pros. I enjoyed toying with different programs, though I couldn't do much because most graphic programs, such as Photoshop, costed a lot of money. I used free programs like Gimp,, and Paint Shop pro (which was recently stolen from my English teacher). During the early stages of my graphics, I was frustrated that I couldn't make things as pretty and neat as others could, though I got many compliments on my work. And I still do, I like some of my graphics but I still think I can improve. That’s why I want to go to college to be a Graphic Designer/Webmaster. For one year at DeVry University, it is $39,095, but for Wingate it’s only $35,465. This is also partially why I’m leaning towards Wingate more than DeVry, the cost is almost $4,000 less. DeVry is currently only in my options because of it’s classes. When I leave SEarCH, hopefully with a 2-year degree, It will only take me 2 years more in college to earn a degree in Graphic Design which also includes the experience of web designing I would need to be, not just a graphic designer, but a full on webmaster. Webmaster jobs can jump from professional companies, to schools, to just home projects from a random request. I don’t actually plan to stay in just one, but I know that I will need to get at least one project from an actual company to get my name out there. Wingate is a traditional college, carrying a general selection of majors and minors, which include Arts. DeVry University, unlike Wingate, is a technical college and includes more classes dealing with technology than a traditional college

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