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Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch time? Students should be allowed to leave the premises during school hours. If students are in a safe town and have minor limitations on where they go, then most would enjoy the experience without being in danger. Of course, there would be a time set by the school in which students must return to the premises. I also think that only students of year 10 or above should be allowed out (with their parents' permission). This would give them freedom and responsibility, which could be helpful as they transcend to adulthood. I think students should be able to leave campus for lunch because students are still humans and have a right to privacy therefore they should be able to do things without too many restrictions during their only free time at high school. For some students high school is very important to them because it’s their chance to start experiencing new things and as humans we are all unique with different ways of seeing and doing things. As teenagers get older and learn more about life we start to mature and we need chances to show this maturity even if its as simple as letting us go out of school during breaks. I believe that we need to make some choices for ourselves so we can be ready for adult hood when it comes. If we are limited to one place we will never learn anything. I can also state the fact that every student wants to be able to leave school grounds during lunch. I have been to schools where we have had the opportunity to go out during the breaks and now that I spend my breaks inside of school is a really big difference. I feel like I have less freedom and its not right. I believe we should make some choices for ourselves and learn how to make right decisions. I understand that what we do outside of school in uniform reflects on what people think about the school but we have shown that we

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