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Formal debating is an academic assessment task undertaken by students at university to develop and enhance public speaking skills and group work processes. Presentation skills are critical to the success of a debate because they enable the delivery of strong cogent argument through the use of nonverbal communication and the use of rhetorical devices. The use of nonverbal communication encompassing eye contact and paralinguistics conveys meaning, connection and emphasis to key points of the speakers’ debate. Rhetorical devices are utilised to influence and persuade the audience to the speakers cause. Other contributory factors of a debate include group processes and preparation. A case study examining these skills was undertaken at the University of the Sunshine Coast in May 2012. Group processes, also known as team processes, are a central component in the establishment and development of debate teams. Group processes relates to the group synergy and the various development stages that emerge throughout group tasks. Tuckman (1965, cited in Eunson 2012:600) argues that there are five development phases groups transition through in group tasks are undergo, forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Forming, occurs upon group establishment whereby the group become acquainted with each other and familiarise themselves with the task. The second development phase, storming, is a period of uncertainty and often gives rise to group conflict as group members vie to express their thoughts and opinions on the task (White, McMillen & Baker, 2001:48). In the norming stage group cohesiveness occurs, group members feel comfortable in contributing opinions and the group begins to work effectively (Eunson, 2012:600). With the group now functioning cohesively, they progress into the performing stage. The group is working cooperatively and efficiently to achieve the groups

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