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Debating: Okay so why would you want somebody having your own identity and your same DNA. I understand some of the good things it can do like help cancer or help somebody who is sick live. To me I feel that cloning is a bad thing because you’re messing with gods and seems like your trying to take over the rule of God. It’s like your trying to create a human being with out yield and like your trying to take control of god’s role and what he does and that makes it seem like you have no respect for the morals and ethics this country was born on. Technology should not have to prove its power by being the first to create a human life for fun. I feel we were all made different for a reason for us to be unique in our own way; not to have a clone that 25 yrs younger than you re-live your life or try and make life more better because either way it goes your still you and your going to be you forever can’t nobody change that not even a clone. When the clone is cloned it’s like they have to redo everything they have to learn how to walk talk and other things just like you did when you came out your mother’s womb. If God wanted us all the same that’s how he would have had it when he created all of us, so I just don’t understand the right of cloning and how it’s good. Could you please explain it to

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