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Debate Summary

  • Submitted by: olgaecolo
  • on October 19, 2011
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a) What is the comic strip about?
As I could read this strip is about a man who was in a foreign country and he had and individual variation among language with regard to monitor use. He distinguish those foreign languages that he   monitors all the time over- users those learner of languages who have learned or who preferred   to use his conscious knowledge under – user but he psychological profiles could help him to determine to what group he belongs he was usually extroverts and he was confidence related to the over use of the monitor of language.
  b) What is the connection between the story, negotiation of meanings and communicative competence?
In the story there is no negotiation of meanings because nobody help him to understand so when he arrives to the hotel he is confuse what is matter so in the communicative competence people can understand and share with another one his or her opinion in the same ways.
  c) Recognizing the importance of negotiation of meaning in SLA, does it always help in an EFL context? Why? Why not? Remember there are, at least, two points of views on this respect –re-read our lesson plan- Is it possible to reconcile these two ideas?
According to the lesson plan Aim not really agree because depend of the acquired system and the learner system because the acquired system or acquisition is the product of a subconscious process very similar to the process children when they acquire their first language. It requires meaningful interaction in the target language- natural communication and the learned system or learning is the product of formal instruction process which results in conscious knowledge of grammar rules.
  d) Is it necessary to be an effective communicator or a competent one, these days, in this global world? Bear the comic strip in mind.
Of course it is so necessary to be an effective communicator or a competent one, these days, in this global world because as I can see the comic strip we can be better and get to...

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