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In what ways is debate beneficial in high school classrooms? & In what other areas do you notice yourself using your debate skills? Debate is a class that I believe to be very beneficial in high school classrooms. Debate makes the students prepare beforehand, and think everything through. This is a class that keeps you on your toes and makes you want to know more so that you can win. In the right kind of environment, competition is a good thing; especially in debate. Being that most high school students are very competitive and most likely don’t like being told they’re wrong and why they’re wrong, many will strive to do well in debate and want to learn the fundamentals so that they can win. When the students leave the debate classroom, many will still use the skills they learned in other classrooms and with they’re friends, like I do myself. I regularly find myself discussing debate topics out of the classroom, and sometimes I will use the reasoning and things I’ve learned when I am trying to get what I want. I also use the study and preparing techniques we have learned in other classes that require more than usual. There are many times when I find myself overanalyzing the things people say, more so than I used to. I also tend to stop people in the middle of their sentences and ask questions about what they’re saying, so that I will understand better and be able to refute, or concur properly. If other students were to take debate in high school, I truly believe it would help them with their other classes because it assists in teaching you ethics that will help them succeed in other classes as

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