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As I was watching the presidential debate for the first time, I found that it was very interesting the way President Barack Obama and candidate Mitt Romney both answered the questions in a timely manner. They also attacked each other when they had to give their personal opinions or ideas about the future plans of changing this country. Candidate Romney discusses his plans but he is all talked. He was trying to dissed the president and made him look bad to make himself look good. President Obama wants to improve on the education system, hire thousands of new teachers for communities’ colleges. He also wants to create job training for students who cannot afford college tuition. I believe president Obama did a great job during his debate. He spoke very well. Obama was honest and polite and I agreed with his proposal. His ideas about creating jobs, healthcare, and education suit my personal needs. Unlike President Obama, Governor Romney spoke too fast and in circles. On issue after issue, Romney avoided giving specifics and, on several occasions, told flat-out lies. Romney plans to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires and also eliminate Wall Street reforms. Which that helps to protect middle class families from the being manipulated, this is the main cause for the recession. He also tried hate on Obama care with no plans to help individuals with pre-existing conditions. Romney criticized President Obama health care reform at a time when the country was submerged in the worse economic problem since the Great Depression. Romney also compared his own personal experience with health care reform as Governor of Massachusetts when he worked with a legislature overwhelmingly Democratic, with that of President Obama whose health care plan received almost no support from Republicans. Something as big and important as health

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