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During the debate President Obama (democratic) and Mitt Romney (republican) debated about topics such as: Economy and jobs, healthcare, national security and the federal budget. I thought it was really clever that he congratulated the presidents wedding anniversary and joking about how Obama would probably rather not be spending the evening with him. Romney was more about jobs, trade, budget and business and he seemed to have confidence when he talked about the those topics while Obama seemed uncertain of what he wanted to say, he talked about health care, education, taxes, energy (gas and oil) but, didn’t really go into the details of how he is going to improve the job and organize the trade/ businesses to fit in the economy which is in a lot of debt. Mitt Romney agreed that the President was right as to what the American future would look like and his vision of a larger government with trillion dollar deficits that promise everything to everyone. Romney said that his future would be making the government smaller and not creating massive deficits that would pass on to kids, rebuild the foundation of America’s strength with good homes and schools with entrepreneurship and innovation. Obama stated that he wanted to lower the deficits without creating harm to the middle class and bringing tax rates down. Watching this part of the debate I agreed with Romney about trying to reduce deficits, exemptions and credits. But I agreed with the statement that Obama made about trying to do the same as Bill Clinton with small businesses. Talking about health care in the debate Romney disagreed with Obama Care saying that it’s just a bad policy raising taxes on the American people by $500 billion and even with those cuts and tax increase it adds to the national debt and pushes those obligations on to coming generations. I feel like the Obama care isn’t doing well because people

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