Death with Dignity Essay

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Ellen Clarkson Professor Avery Rhetoric and Composition 2 9 March, 2014 Death with “Dignity” “I don’t want to die” says Brittney Maynard as she campaigns for her right to choose death. She was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and given only 6 months to live. Instead of letting nature take its course, she decided to opt for a more unconventional alternative. Maynard decided to make a move to Oregon so that she could consume a lethal dose of medication that would end her life when she decided that the time was right. Before she died, she created an initiative to legalize euthanasia everywhere, calling her campaign “Death with Dignity”. I will argue that Maynard’s stance on doctor assisted suicide is morally not the right thing to do. Although I do agree with her campaign for “Death with Dignity”, I am not sure her and I have the same interpretation of dignity. While Maynard’s view of dignity is more about not wanting to compromise the integrity of who she is, I believe that dignity is the ability to allow suffering to better you. I do not believe suffering is shameful, I believe it is honorable. I will start by indicating why it is I believe Maynard is justified in her position. She holds herself accountable to a different set of morals. She operates under the belief that death should be on her own terms. Maynard has granted herself authority to determine the timing of her eminent death. With this mindset, she places herself above the laws of nature. Understanding that life is out of our control and unpredictable gives us perspective on our honest and proper role in the decision making process of how and when we should die. Maynard claims, “I am not suicidal.”, and I believe her. It is not my opinion that she actually wants to die; I believe she wants to live, she just feels like there is no other options because of her terminal illness and fleeting

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