Death Of A Salesman Symbols-Money

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Money is very important in everyone’s everyday life. Money is the foundation that supports people, their living habits and expensive. Often money can be the cause of many emotions, it can bring you happiness but could be the complete contrary like sadness and stress. Almost everything is related to money, which may cause many arguments and disagreements on things. In the play Death of a Salesman, I believe that money is the main theme and which initiates many of the conflicts between characters. Money can combine many symbols together, such as Wheels; Willy continuing his job that he very much dislikes but works anyway just to be able to pay for his house, refrigerator and other house related things. Also the symbol math, that recognizes the hopes and dreams that aren’t being accomplished because no one has a high enough job to pay for anything. William Loman borrows money from Charley pretending he’s keeping a cautious account, knowing he will never have the money to pay him back. Eventually leading to the death of Willy, hoping that his insurance will give his family $20 000. As well as the jungle representing uncontrolled, hazardous environment that spins into a dark twisted cyclone of being afraid to never be as good as the man who walked out of the jungle and found a diamond mine at the age of 21. Money is a very important aspect of the Loman’s family as well as the rest of the world. Money begins and influences a lot of arguments. It could be a self confliction, between a couple, family or business. Not being able to pay for the things you know you have to pay for could become quite frustrating. Financial problems are always going to be a problem with less fortunate people. Linda and Willy argue about many different financial problems, for instance the payments for the refrigerator, a commission of two hundred and twelve dollars, broken washing machine,
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