Death Penalty Research Paper

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Death Penalty in California Many Californians agree that criminals convicted of insensitive crimes should be executed with lethal injection. One can say that if someone commits a cruel crime than that person should pay the consequences. Even if the person that committed the crime has a mental illness. They should be in the care of a family member or a mental hospital. There is no excuse for someone to take a person’s life. According to Jessica Brooks, “Californians should advocate for the death penalty to remain a part of the legal system. We cannot reward those who clearly do not deserve it” (10). Many criminals are rewarded with a shorter sentenced for good behavior and later return to prison for the same allegations. This is an unfair method because these criminals cause danger the society. Capital punishment, whose definition is "the use of death as a legally allowed, punishment," is an acceptable and efficient means of deterring crime. California should remain this as a useful method of punishment for murder and other terrible crimes. The death penalty is the most realistic punishment that one can have when someone has caused a horrendous act of cruelty. According to Death Penalty Focus, in 1891 California law was amended, allowing executions to take place inside state prisons only (1). The death penalty was not put to use until 1893 at the San Quentin State Prison in California. People have many reasons why California should advocate this law that is still valuable. Some Californians have experience the hurt of a loved one in which justice has not been served. There cannot be nothing done about the person that has been raped, tortured, or murdered besides there being tough consequences that make others think twice before committing a brutal offense. In order for somebody to pay the cost of these crimes that are

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