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Death Penalty: Punishment Or Murder Essay

  • Submitted by: gurrieri8
  • on December 15, 2011
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Death Penalty: Punishment or Murder?
Many aspects of our government are consistently being scrutinized.   Whether it is our healthcare system or our unemployment rate there is always somebody who will not agree with how our government handles the issue.   One of the most difficult areas for our government is how justice shall be given to victims and families of victims of violent crimes.   The most controversial topic of justice continues to be whether or not to have a death penalty as an ultimate justification for these crimes.   Many countries throughout the world use the death penalty, however reasons as to which it is given out vary immensely.   A major reason surrounding the death penalty is whether or not those people on death row deserve to be there.   If innocent men are being sentenced to death than this punishment should not be an option in a country such as America who prides itself on protection from your government.   The death penalty is not serving its purpose if it is just murdering citizens who are not guilty of any crime.   Therefore, it is impossible to perfect this heinous punishment so it should then be stricken from every constitution as even an option due to the unreliability of both testimony from witnesses and confessions of those convicted.
A 1993 study by the Death Penalty Information Center cited 48 cases from the prior 20 years where innocent men were released from death row from new scientific evidence arising and another 21 cases were found after the publication of this original article in 1993.   This high rate of innocent men who could have been killed accidentally shows just how flawed this system of punishment is.   Before trials judges will instruct the jurors that to provide a guilty verdict one must believe that the perpetrator or perpetrators are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.   However, eyewitness testimony could play a large role in convincing any juror, who is unsure of his verdict, to sway towards guilty.   This is misleading...

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