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Death Penalty Oral Essay

  • Submitted by: gruz
  • on October 26, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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The death penalty

The question of whether or not the death penalty ought to be reintroduced in South Africa is very controversial. The right to life is a basic constitutional right enshrined in the South African constitution. This basic constitutional right is the reason that judges in South Africa cannot impose the death penalty. However there are cases in which the violent crimes committed are so horrendous that the only appropriate sentence is the death sentence. Furthermore research has shown that the death penalty is an effective deterrent against violent crime. While the death penalty might be regarded as inhumane I believe that is the only solution to the   prevalence of violent crime in South Africa. The situation is currently out of control

Violence has pervaded every facet of life in South Africa.There are daily occurrences of social, family and school violence in South Africa. Every one in this room has been affected by violence, either directly or indirectly. The situation is completely out of control. There appears to be a complete disregard for the consequences of acting violently. It is my belief that re-introducing the death penalty will deter people from acting violently. It is unarguably so that the death penalty is a stronger deterrent than life imprisonment. This is particularly so in South Africa where prisons are mismanaged and early parole is the order of the day.  

The three articles describing violent crimes depict the general acceptance of the use of unrestrained violence as a solution. Would Mbuso have acted so irrationally if he knew he could be sentenced to death as a result of his actions? Would the level of violence have escalated to a fatal shootout as a result of the trivial comment passed in the bar? The wide acceptance of violent behaviour as a solution in society generally is manifesting itself in seriously violent behaviour by young pupils at school. Surely a punishment as severe as the death penalty can stop the popular...

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