Death Penalty Contreversy Essay

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The death penalty is one of the most controversial subjects in the united stated government. Should we be allowed to take another person’s life? Many people have a voice in this topic and so do I. Some people may disagree with me but I believe the death penalty is constitutional. I'm all for the death penalty. There isn't anything in the constitution about taking a person’s life. Therefore if someone commits a heinous crime with indisputable evidence like intentional murder the person does not deserve to live. To take a life you should give your own as forfeit. Adrian Brigham of Yorkshire England states " if someone murders another person with the intention of doing so they don't deserve to live." Michael Mitchell - Jim Sidanius. Political Psychology. Professors from the University of California. "Within Social Dominance Theory, the death penalty is not only viewed as an instrument of crime control, but rather also as an instrument of social hierarchy enforcement." So basically, the death penalty may fix criminal problems, but it does so in a way that a person imposes their dominance upon the other and ultimately takes away their most important right of nature- to live. Obviously, prison is a much more rational decision, and does not dominate an individual. So even people for the death penalty have to acknowledge the government using a higher force then should be allowed. Jesse Brigham Facebook correspondent thinks that the death penalty should be illegal. “The main reason that I have a problem with the death penalty is because it isn’t handed out evenly. If you are black, you are 3.9 times more likely to receive a death penalty then a white person” This means that according to this, the united states is trying people with a bias court. Even though through this argument the death penalty isn’t

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