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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: lgrimaud
  • on May 25, 2011
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The Death Penalty and Justice
Lynnette Grimaud
Trinity International University,   Critical Thinking and Writing Eng111E
Prof. Patricia Colangelo
May 25, 2011

The Death Penalty and Justice
While   a family sleeps in their suburban home, a 42 year old man gets Capital Punishment for murdering his entire family.   The Death Penalty is a punishment or criminal sentence many people, of different cultures, religions, and beliefs, are unclear about. Statistics show that seventy percent of the U.S. population supports Capital Punishment and the other thirty percent of the population strongly support its abolishment. As the topic of death surfaces in conversation, there seems to be strong opposing views that communicate as to weather or not this should be an ethical form of punishment. When individuals analyze the different forms of execution (i.e. lethal injection, gas chamber, and electric chair,) both ethical and religious viewpoints are influenced.
Those who support the death penalty feel that it is a form of prevention for criminals who are committing murders or other odious crimes.   Individuals that identify with victims also believe killing convicted murderers will satisfy their need for retribution and justice. Certain crimes are so terrible that the only reasonable response would be implementing Capital Punishment. According to former New York Governor George E. Pataki “Upon taking office, I immediately began the process of reinstating the death penalty” additionally, “Within just one year, the death penalty helped produce a dramatic drop in violent crime.”
Although this information may not be statistically confirmed by a worldwide analysis of data, intuitively it feels accurate for those that support this form of punishment. Another reason people support death penalty is due to the incapacitation put in place for the criminals. A person who is executed cannot form a threat, escape, harm, victimize citizens or inmates and as a result, cannot create any...

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