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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: brenda55
  • on April 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Death Penalty
Brendolynn Champlaie
Soc 101 Introduction to Sociology
Instructor James Knapp
February 7, 2011

The question is does the death penalty serve as a deterrent to crime? No it does not people are still committing heinous crimes. Murders are according every day the crime rate is at an all time high when it comes to drive-by and gang related killings. Because many are out of work robberies are at an all time high also. This is no excuse, but instead of trying to get a job they would rather rob someone or a business establishment. Criminal do not think before they take action some feel this is the only way out and have no choice but to commit crimes to survive.             This is the reason that the death penalty does not deterrent crime and the United States crime rate is at a comparatively high. Conservatives believe that severe penalties are needed to deter crime, an act of individual choice (David C. Nice 1992).
    Criminals are not afraid of the death penalty, because most of the time that they commit these crimes they think that they will not get caught. If criminals feared the death penalty crime would go down.   The government job is to make sure all citizens are safe. If they threatened them with the death penalty and put fear into criminals maybe the crime rate would go down.  
    The other countries responses to the death varies China supports the death penalty for murder, and corruption. In Beijing China thirteen crimes have been exempted from capital punishment are mainly economic and non-violent crimes such as tax fraud, fraudulent activities, involving financial bills, smuggling cultural relics or precious rare animals (Zhao Yinan 2011).
    Ukrainian Interior Minister Anatoliy Mohylyov says “Ukraine should not re-introduce the death penalty as capital punishment”. He feels life in prison is less severe (cited from ProQuest). Ninety-Five percent of all known executions are carried out in only six countries: China (1,718,...

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