Death Penalty Essay

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Discussion As we discussed the case about the Proposed Death Penalty Law in the Philippines, the research leads us to discover and identify all the important variables which have contributed to the history and to the development of the research and the subject. This means that based on the data we get from the following respondents including the past experiences and present condition of the country. We found out that most of the respondents in the Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus strongly disagree about the Death penalty. Because we see from the results of the survey we had, the true heart of Filipino conquered their strong personality that results to disagree from the death penalty. And as we discussing also about the research we elaborate the problem to be able to give a solutions for this important research, like increasing the police power to avoid crimes. Results The opinion of the respondents from the Lyceum of the Philippines University about the Proposed Death Penalty Law in the Philippines was determined using the survey questionnaire produced by the group. The finding represents the interpretation of the respondents about the Death Penalty. As you can see in the table below. In question number one, the respondents have different opinion, but in majority the results said to be that Death Penalty is against the Human Nature. | | | | | | | |Agree |Strongly Agree |Disagree |Strongly Disagree | |Question |7 |4 |7 |1 | |Number 1 | | |

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