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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: rosiebradley2011
  • on February 13, 2011
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The Death Penalty should be abolished.
Should the death penalty be abolished?   The simple answer is yes.   However, there is no simple answer to the issue of the death penalty and without giving reason in support of abolishing the death penalty there will be no simple answer.   There have been several studies conducted to determine the effect that the death penalty has on deterring crime, none of which can prove its effectiveness.   There are cases where the death penalty may have been the cause for a person to commit or increase the severity of the crime they committed.   According to Warden, (2009), during a traffic stop in 1963, two Los Angeles police officers were kidnapped and killed by two career criminals.   The criminals stated that they committed the murders in an effort to eliminate witnesses that could have helped to convict them for a string of robberies that they had committed.   The criminals believed that the multiple robberies that they had committed carried the death penalty if convicted (not the case).   Carrying out the murders were the only option for them to avoid getting caught and facing the death penalty.   In the end the death penalty is what they received for the murders and not the robberies (p.330).   Stories like this could have been avoided if there were no death penalty.
Based on statics, the death penalty should be abolished.   The studies that have been conducted that focus on numerical data prove that the death penalty has no positive effect on deterring crime nationwide.   In research presented by   [ (Shepherd, 2005) ] several studies were evaluated and showed that for most of the states within the United States that have and enforce the death penalty, there is no evidence of a deterrent effect (p.219).   If the death penalty has no deterrent effect nationwide then the death penalty should be abolished nationwide.
Based on the cost, the death penalty should be abolished.   In an article by   (Warden,...

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