Death Penalty Essay

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Simon Sebt Synthesis Essay: Redo May 23, 2011 The Death Penalty The United States, like very few other countries, continues to enforce the death penalty for brutal crimes. Plenty of people view it as inhuman and unjust while others feel that the punishment fits the crime and should be used as a mechanism to prevail against potential violent crimes. Should the death penalty be abolished as a form of capital punishment? This is a question worth looking into, as both sides have plausible reasoning. One point that those in favor of the death penalty feel is most important, is that the death penalty ensures public safety. Once the convicted murderers are put to death, it eliminates their ability to kill anyone every again. Even if they have a life sentence—or more than one for that matter—with no parole, they may kill within the prison or even escape and do a lot more damage like going on a killing binge, for example. Will this put enough apprehension in potential criminals to avert them from happening? Some professionals, like the late professor of Jurisprudence at Fordham University, Ernest Van Den Haag, feel that the death penalty is a way of deterring crime for both the criminals already serving time (who could potentially do further harm behind bars) as well as the potential criminals on the streets. He told the New York Times, “People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death.” He believed that murderers would rather live a lifetime in prison than be executed, or else they wouldn’t be fighting for their lives in court. Theoretically, that argument shows that the deterrence of the death penalty could be effective but there isn’t any actual proof of it. If this was a fact, wouldn’t there be a significant drop in our country’s crime rate? Some also consider that the death penalty gives victims’

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