Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty Danielle Mitchell June 21, 2013 ENG/215 Kathryn Geranios As we people grow up they are told that killing is bad and that it is wrong; meanwhile, our government is killing people as “punishment” of a crime. It is ironic how we are told not to do something, and the same people telling us not to kill are doing the killing. There are 32 states that have capital punishment. Those 32 states need to abolish the capital punishment for good because there are people who get wrongly accused, it is an inhumane way of dealing with crimes, scientific studies show no deterrence, and it takes a bundle of money out of our pockets. There are many cases in which the person who was excused is innocent; they say that people are innocent until proven guilty. There are many cases from years ago where the government sentenced someone to death and are just now examining the case and found the accused was innocent. Innocence and the Death Penalty states the “total number of death row exonerations in the USA since 1973 is 140. From 2000-2007, there have been an average of 5 exonerations per year. Average number of years between being sentenced to death and exoneration: 9.8 years. Number of cases in which DNA played a substantial factor in establishing innocence: 17” (Innocence and the Death Penalty). Knowing that people make mistakes (which everyone does), the extreme notion of capital ­punishment is not the best solution. Another problem is there is no coming back from this sentence, which means there is no way for the accused to be proven innocent, and this is an offence to the Fifth Amendment, which promises due action of law. As people, we cannot help that we

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